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 laugh that I came out of the womb chubby. I grew up in a family where there was always junk food and fatty food around. We played a lot but we were not in organized sports.  I continue to struggle with weight and image issues. To look at me now, you wouldn't think so. The choices I make keep me fit and healthy. However it is a continual effort to keep my physical, emotional and spiritual health a priority in my life.


I became a vegetarian in college and have been one since. (Well really a dessertatarian.) A common question I am asked is – “Do you feel healthier and have more energy since you became vegetarian?”  Honestly, I don’t know it has been so long.  I began That’s Vegetarian, a blog and recipe videos available on YouTube, as a source for information on vegetarian options including their health benefits and recipes.


Exercise has been a part of my adult life.  It helps with food choices, weight maintenance and my positive attitude. 

I decided to go back to school when I needed a change of career.  I evaluated my interests and since nutrition has been such a focus of mine for so many years, it seemed like the obvious choice.  I had a number of science prerequisites for the masters program in nutrition so I enrolled in Institute for Integrative Nutrition simultaneously to obtain a wealth of information on dietary theories.


Over the years, my diverse careers and interests have built a pool of knowledge and experience which I bring to my clients in my health and wellness practice. In working with students and parents as a high school math teacher and tutor, with business owners as an administrative and HR consultant, and as a Weight Watchers leader, I understand the importance of confidentiality and listening in coaching.  To become a better resource, I wanted to increase my knowledge base. I went to Hunter College, earned a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science, worked in a nine month dietetic internship and passed the national Registered Dietitian exam. I know have my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), national, and Certified Dietitan Nutritionist (CDN) in New York State. Check out this link on why you need a RDN.


It is a team effort of us working together for your success.  Collaborating with people to help them achieve their goals has been the consistent theme of my life. Nutrition, physical, mental and spiritual health has been a focus of mine since I was a teenager. My passions are combined in Happiest Healthiest Me. Isn't that what we want to achieve for ourselves? 

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